What makes this subscription box "Unique"?


This box is filled with 3-4 Unique items ranging from Gamma Phi Delta paraphernalia, beauty, business, and more!

The exclusive curated package is convenient and is a cost savings - arriving directly to your doorstep and bundled together instead of sold separately.  Additionally, these items are exclusively available in the subscription box, and not for individual sale on our website. Some of our quarterly subscription boxes will even include a BONUS item.  


How does it work? 


Join GPD members around the world and subscribe to the Gamma Girl subscription box!  Quarterly, our boxes will follow a theme and select high quality apparel, accessories, beauty products, and more. The Gamma Girl Subscription Box is perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, gifts, and so much more!

Our subscription box is available in quarterly increments (4 times per year) at $35 for each box, and will ship directly to your address.  Be sure to select your shirt size, when signing up for the subscription box. This will ensure your box is customized specifically for you.


Can I customize my subscription box?


No, unfortunately at this time, we don't offer customization of the subscription box.  However, we do need your shirt size when you sign up for the box, to ensure this is customized just for you. Please know that we love all things chic, classy, and stylish. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with these type of items in your box. Our subscription box does follow a theme. 


What if I need to change my shirt size?


If you need to change your shirt size, please email us at info@monicaschictique.com. Please note that shirt sizes must be made at the beginning of that quarter, as our apparel is customized and curated just for your subscription.  Once production of the boxes has started, we are unable to change your size. 


When will will my subscription box ship? 


Please note our inaugural box will ship on September 15th.  Then you will receive the holiday themed box in December. Your subscription box will then be shipped quarterly, please see the 2021 schedule below: 

January, February, March box - ships on March 15th

April, May, June box - ships on June 15th

July, August, September box - ships on September 15th

October, November, December box - ships on December 15th

Note: All subscription boxes will ship following your successful payment. 


Will I be able to track my subscription box? 


Yes, you can track your box and we can't wait until you get it! You will receive an email notification with your tracking number.  Please note we are not responsible for stolen packages, so please be sure to secure your mail to receive your box. Also, due to COVID, note that packages may take longer to arrive.  However, we do send an email notification to you when your order has shipped.  


What if I need to change my mailing address?


If you need to change your address, log into the account you created when ordering your subscription.  We request that you create an account, so that you are able to manage your subscription. It is your responsibility to make sure that you update your mailing address. 


When will my card be charged?


Your card will be charged every 3 months on the 15th of the month. Please note that if your payment is not successful, we will make a second attempt to charge your card.  If your payment is not successful after the second attempt, we regret that we must cancel your subscription.  


Can I utilize the Sezzle - Buy Now, Pay Later option?


No, unfortunately the Buy Now, Pay Later option is not available on the subscription box.  However, you can use this option for other products available at Monica's Chictique, that meet the minimum order amount of $35.00.  


What if I need to change my billing address?


If you need to change your billing address, log into the account you created when ordering your subscription.  We request that you create an account, so that you are able to manage your subscription. It is your responsibility to make sure that you update your billing address. 


What is the refund and return policy?


Unfortunately, due to the nature of our products and the customization, we can only accept refunds and returns in the unfortunate event that your delivery arrives damaged. In the event this occurs, please email us at info@monicaschictique.com.  Please note this refund and return policy is only for the Gamma Girl subscription box, and does not apply to other products at Monica's Chictique. 


What if I need to cancel?


We would love for you to stay! However, if you must go, please note that you must cancel the subscription prior to the 15th of the billing month. If your subscription is not cancelled prior to this time, you will be charged and your subscription box will be shipped according to the shipping schedule.  Please note that you will not be charged for the next quarterly subscription. Also, we welcome your feedback, so please send us an email at info@monicaschictique.com, and let us know how we can win you back! 


Do you have any additional questions?


We are here to help! Please email us at info@monicaschictique.com.