Posted on by Monica Bounds

In the words of Iris Apfel, “more is more and less is a bore!”

I absolutely love chic, classy, and stylish statement necklaces. And the right statement necklace can add that next level pop to your outfit!

As you are getting ready for the holiday festivities, here are a few tips whether your attire is semi-formal, formal, black tie, or festive.  The goal is just to slay girl slay for the holiday! :) 

Slay 1:

Pair a bold necklace with a bold color and even pattern.  Take our “Party of Pearls” statement in gray and add a bright yellow or orange. You can also consider adding your gray statement to a teal or lime ensemble.  Remember the key is be daring and bold! 

Slay 2:

Pair a bling body chain under a jacket or even with an evening gown.  I believe our “Body Blinging” statement speaks before you even enter a room offering daring and sophistication in the same slay. It’s sure to turn heads!

Slay 3:

Pair a long-layered statement if you have a dramatic v neck dress or shirt. Take our “Rocking Read Beads” or even “Beads Sensation” which adds a flair and fanfare to your outfit.  And for an extra pop just add color!


Until next time, be sure to keep slaying and styling!